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Reed Exhibitions uses “cookies,” or similar technologies, on our websites, applications, and other services reynoldsa.siteto better understand how you interact with our products, to show you personalized advertisements on our website and other websites, to enhance your experience, and to enable you to use certain features like sharing content via social networks or other communications channels. This notice also describes how third parties may use these technologies in relation to the operation of our services. Concerning this Cookie Notice This cookie notice applies when using any of our services that link to or reference it. This notice may be supplemented by additional cookie notices or terms that are provided on certain pages of the Service or in our correspondence with you. Using Cookies in Reed Exhibitions. Cookies are text files, or small data files, that may be left on your computer or device by websites and applications that you use. Cookies are widely used to enhance the usefulness and performance of webpages and apps by keeping certain data about you for the length of your session (using “session” cookies) or for future visits (using “persistent” cookies). Below is a summary of the first-party and third-party cookies that we use in our services. To maintain the list as accurate as possible, our cookie scanning system continuously examines our services. The following categories are used to organize cookies: Just Cookies That Are Necessary Cookies for efficiency and functionality Trying for Cookies The following types of cookies are used by the website jacksony.site: Cookies that are absolutely required: These cookies don’t save any personally identifiable information. However, they are necessary for the Service to function. Generally speaking, they are only established in response to your activities that signify a request for services, such as changing your privacy settings, checking in, or filling out forms. Some or all of the services you have requested may not function properly without cookies, even if you may set your browser to refuse or alert you to certain cookies. Performance cookies: These are research and analytics cookies that enable us to monitor traffic and count visits in order to assess the effectiveness of our services. They also help us identify the pages that are most and least popular as well as the routes that people follow while navigating the website or application. This helps to improve our services’ functioning as well as the user experience. All information collected by these cookies will be processed in an aggregated and anonymous manner. You may set your browser to alert you about these cookies or to prevent them. If you block these cookies, it won’t affect how you use the service. Functionality cookies: By storing your preferences and account settings and providing enhanced, updated capabilities, these cookies allow our services to be more personalized and functional. We could set these cookies ourselves, or we might get them from other businesses whose services we’ve integrated into our sites. Some or all of the services you have requested may not function properly without cookies, even if you may set your browser to refuse or alert you to certain cookies. Targeting Cookies: These files or codes might be included in emails we send, on our website, or in mobile apps that our advertising partners provide. They keep track of your communications with us, which helps in our analysis and improvement of the services we provide you. We use the data to show you advertising that are relevant to your interests and to customize the website. You may set your browser to alert you about these cookies or to prevent them. Our capacity to tailor the website to your choices and the quantity of targeted advertising you see will both decrease if you block these cookies, but it won’t affect the services we provide. How to protest the usage of cookies You may opt out of any cookie category, except those that are strictly necessary, by going to the “cookie preference center,” which is located in the bottom of the appropriate page. You may also set your browser to refuse to accept some cookies, notify you when a new cookie is accepted, or totally block cookies by following the instructions on the privacy choices menu. You may discover the settings for several common browsers by clicking on the links below, but please note that we have no control over the content of other websites: Manage your Chrome and Chrome cookies. Chromebooks running iOS and Android Manage cookies in Safari and iOS Safari. Modify the cookie settings in Firefox. Take out and replace Internet Explorer’s cookies. Manage the cookie settings in Opera. For assistance with any other browser, visit www.allaboutcookies.org; alternatively, consult the user guide or online resources that accompany your device. Third-Party Advertising and Content Services Our services may use third-party advertising and content services, particularly within our marketing or free content sites, for advertising, to track e-commerce purchases to our brand for attribution purposes, and to analyze visitor and customer site interactions, including those with our online marketing campaigns. To learn more, including how to opt out, please refer to the following information: We market our events, online content, and services on YouTube, Google Search, and other websites by using Google Ads as a platform for online advertising. Additionally, some marketers use Google Ads to buy adverts on our websites. Google Analytical We use Google statistics to offer tailored advertising in addition to giving site visitor stats and statistics. We use skimlinks to link internet purchases to our brand for attributional reasons. YouTube API We make use of YouTube’s API capabilities to help us provide data, content, visitor stats, and advertising revenue. Alternatively, you may refuse third-party internet advertising services by using the opt-out tools listed below: Use these links to access the U.S. To see Canada, click this. Click here for the EU. To see, click this link. Australia Please take note that clicking on the aforementioned links will transport you to the appropriate third-party website. We do not control the content of websites that link to us. Furthermore, you have the option to configure your web browser to reject and/or prohibit cookies from third parties (see to Section 4 for further information). Disabling advertising cookies may not totally eliminate advertising from the websites you visit; instead, you may see irrelevant adverts based on your search terms. Changes There may be periodic updates to this cookie notice. Any changes will be noted on this page with an updated revision date. If we make any substantial changes, we’ll let you know via the Service or another channel. Make contact For more information on our collection and use of personal data, including information about your rights, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Regarding this cookie notice and our use of your information, please get in touch with the Reed Exhibitions Data Protection Officer at Gateway House, 28 The Quadrant, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1DN, United Kingdom, with any questions, concerns, or requests. As an alternative, you may contact Reed Exhibitions Limited’s Data Protection Officer using our Privacy Center webform. If applicable, you may also lodge a complaint with the data protection authorities in the relevant jurisdiction. jacksony.site